The Mifflin County Solid Waste Authority (MCSWA, or Authority) is a key service provider in offering waste transfer and disposal services to Mifflin and Juniata County residents and businesses, and in providing recycling services in Mifflin County. The Authority is the agency delegated by Mifflin County to perform that county’s solid waste duties. The Authority closed its Barner Landfill in Derry Township in 2005, and opened its Transfer Station and Recycling Depot the same year. In accordance with PADEP requirements, the landfill was closed and capped, and is now in a long-term post-closure care monitoring period. Approximately half of the Authority’s new transfer and recycling facility is dedicated to waste handling, and the other half to recyclables processing.

The Mifflin County Solid Waste Authority is now a full time Transfer Station/Recycling Center. As of the beginning of 2007 the local landfill had been filled to capacity and capping and closure of the landfill was finalized in 2007 while the MCSWA operated its first complete year as a Transfer Station. In 2007, the MCSWA worked diligently to provide more Recycling Services to all residents of the County. Click here for site locations.

There are several Wastes we cannot accept. You can also view our Regional Waste Management plan: Mifflin-Juniata_MWMP_Final_11-15-23