2018-2019  MCSWA Fee Structure
Public Gate Rate $84.00 per ton plus applicable fees.
$15.00 minimum charge (~375 lbs.)
The following rates require a charge account with MCSWA.
Small Contractor $73.50 per ton plus applicable fees.
Applies to non-PADEP licensed small haulers.
Large Commercial $65.00 per ton plus applicable fees.
Must be a PADEP Licensed Waste Hauler.

Click here for Act90 Hauler Licensing Information (REQUIRED FOR ANY VEHICLE DELIVERING WASTE WITH A GVWR OVER 17,000)


Flat Rate Fees
Item Fee Per Item Fee Per Ton
Appliance (Non-Freon) $5.00
Appliance (Freon) $15.00
Car (No rim) $3.00
Car with rim $4.00
Cycle/ATV/Mower $1.00
Tractor/Trailer $140.00
Car tires (> 10 units) $140.00
Additional Fees
Dig off fee $15.00
No tarp fee $15.00
Certified weight fee $3.00

Transfer Area

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